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Greetings, first of all, we created our website to help the people find fixed matches where they were already looking for (websites).
As annoying as fixed games/events may seem to fans, there are still many people out there who can benefit from them, and who, by betting on fixed matches, are winning huge amounts of profit in the process. If you want to be one of them, you are on the right place.
We are here to stop your struggles and introduce you to this world where you can make a great income only by betting!
If you are in search of fixed matches, you can get a lot of information from us. There are a lot of fixed matches, you just need to contact the correct people so you can know everything about them.
Most of the games that are fixed are from lower (smaller) leagues; it’s a win/win situation for everyone except the bookmaker.
We completely understand your situation and we know there are a lot of people who try to act like us, but now you are here. The place that you wanted to find from the start!
Contact us so we can give you the whole explanation and give you answers to all of your questions.
We will expect you – You all know that real fixed matches exist & if you are here, you still have hope – so don’t miss this once in a lifetime opportunity.
The first step is always the hardest, but each step forward gets you closer and closer until eventually, what had once been INVISABLE starts to be VISABLE. And what once felt IMPOSSIBLE starts to feel POSSIBLE.

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WhatsApp Number For Contact: +34 603 16 50 03

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Questions that you may be interested in knowing the answer to too!
Why are you sharing this information with us? (Reasons why do you sell fixed games?)
How is no one getting suspicious?
Why are matches getting fixed?
What are the ways for matches to be fixed?

Reasons why don’t we send them for free!




Why are you sharing this information with us?

You may question yourself as to why someone would sell such information, as they could just bet on the fixed event themselves and win money. Well, one of the reasons to sell the information is to make money, and add to our profits when we eventually win from the fixed event.

Then you may say: But still, why wouldn’t you just wager a large amount of money onto the fixed event and save time?
Also, you are risking being caught, which could lead to prosecution or heavy fines.

Of course we stake as much as we can, we don’t want anyone to get suspicious. ,,how is no one getting suspicious?
But a lot of the bookmakers can’t pay us out and don’t allow us to stake we have a different way to stake too, phone up a contact (An agent fixer) in Asia (mostly, Singapore, china or Thailand) to fix the illegal Asian gambling market which is measured in tens of millions of dollars.

SPAIN FIXED MATCHESAlso we are giving this information to help you because you have been tricked in the past.
Some people in our team used to be in your shoes – that’s why we are trying to help!
A lot of our people were loosing a lot of money to the bookmakers – so they want the bookies to pay back!
The only way a bookmaker can defend themselves from us is just to lower the odds because they see that a lot of their users are staking on a particular game. We are also here to prove you that if you try hard enough you can find everything. We used to work only for ourselves, but we decided to open this website so people who are getting scammed can find us trough the websites they were already looking. Hope you will make the right decision and don’t miss this once in lifetime opportunity. You can change your life with our help – you were looking for fixed matches for a long time now they are finally at your reach.

By contacting us we can provide you with even more information, you can get the next games and become a part of our team.




How is no one getting suspicious?

Fixing games is illegal and we are aware of the consequences if we get caught. That’s why we are very careful with our decisions and procedures.
People are aware that fixed matches exist, even the people who can have huge loses from them (bookies). They do everything in their power to prevent this from happening, but still there are people like us who can outsmart them.

When a game is getting fixed on that case are only working trustworthy and loyal people.
The main reasons no one will get suspicious is because the information is not shared to the officials and to the people who can take over actions to prevent a game to be fixed.

The bookmakers are not getting suspicious because we give the games to people from all around the world and we have a limited amount of costumers who can stake on the games, we also tell our costumers (you) how much to stake so you don’t raise suspicion. A bookmaker may see that a lot of people are staking on a game but we have a way to outsmart them because sometimes we lose a lot on purpose and they thing is pure luck that we won the previous time.

Sometimes a game is fixed by the bookies, so they can win a lot of money from the bettors and punters. But we have people in the inside who are capable to find out about this and share that information.

You can contact us and purchase the information we have about the next games, throughout the communication and cooperation with us you will get to more even more things. We are here to answer all of your questions as soon as possible and giving as much information as we can provide! © 2023 Frontier Theme