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Reasons why don’t we send them for free!

Reasons why don’t we send them for free!

Reasons why don’t we send them for free!

We do a lot to get this games fixed – but they say if you are good at something never do it for free!

You may ask if you have fixed games give them from me and I will pay after / or I will bring more costumers. We don’t want more costumers and we won’t give you the game without payment. We need you to show to us that you are a loyal and trustworthy person who deserves our help. By making the payment we also get a lot of information about you who, you show us that you are able to sacrifice something for the greater good.

Also there are a lot of people claimed that will pay after winning who got games from us without making payment. After they receive the game and they win on it they disappear. Then make another email or WhatsApp and ask to get a game without payment acting like they are someone else.

Reasons why don't we send them for free!

We sell “fixed matches” because they are illegal and unethical. They involve manipulating the outcome of a sporting event for personal gain, often through bribery or corruption.
Such actions can have serious consequences for the sport and its fans, as well as for the individuals involved.
Additionally, we who sell “fixed matches” are typically not true sports fans, and we are more interested in making a quick profit than in the integrity of the sport.

If you are also looking to gain money together with us we can provide you with information about the next games, you can start staking on games that you already know the outcome on. Our games are 100% sure and safe and there is no possibility to lose!

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