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How is no one getting suspicious?

Fixing games is illegal and we are aware of the consequences if we get caught. That’s why we are very careful with our decisions and procedures.
People are aware that fixed matches exist, even the people who can have huge loses from them (bookies). They do everything in their power to prevent this from happening, but still there are people like us who can outsmart them.

When a game is getting fixed on that case are only working trustworthy and loyal people.
The main reasons no one will get suspicious is because the information is not shared to the officials and to the people who can take over actions to prevent a game to be fixed.

The bookmakers are not getting suspicious because we give the games to people from all around the world and we have a limited amount of costumers who can stake on the games, we also tell our costumers (you) how much to stake so you don’t raise suspicion. A bookmaker may see that a lot of people are staking on a game but we have a way to outsmart them because sometimes we lose a lot on purpose and they thing is pure luck that we won the previous time.

Sometimes a game is fixed by the bookies, so they can win a lot of money from the bettors and punters. But we have people in the inside who are capable to find out about this and share that information.

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